Beautiful Blobs and 3D

I came across a gem of a post the other day from Swedish agency 14islands. It’s a gem for a few reasons:

  1. They transformed an abstract idea into a 3D blob in HTML
  2. They let you open the controls in a user-friendly way to manipulate the blob
  3. You can share your blob or download it
  4. You can view your blob in VR, which takes that abstract idea to another level

Doing what I do for a living my mind instinctively raced to the possibilities. How might I use this to sell sneakers or cars? What if I could control the angles, intensity, and contours and zoom in as closely as I wanted to?

The strategist in me says don’t look at the tech, look at the user need. But the technologist in me says hot dang, this is pretty fucking amazing. 14islands in my opinion have made a significant breakthrough in programming 3D objects and bringing an infinite world of UX and XD possibilities.

Letting people manipulate objects in 3D and in VR can lead to delight (I love that car) and conversion (I need to buy that car). We just need to see more progress like this.